Bethlehem Church – Cabarrus County

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Methodist Episcopal Church in North Carolina 1865 – 1939; Bumgarner, Reverend George William. ©1990 by Committee on Archives and History of the Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church. Hunter Publishing Company, Winston Salem, North Carolina 27113 USA.

FYI – Reverend F. A. L. Clark also served at Mt Mitchell United Methodist Church. He and his wife, Emily, are interred there at MMUMC.


Classmates at Winecoff School

Winecoff School, Concord, Cabarrus County, North Carolina

Train Women of Kannapolis

According to the story, while crossing train tracks, mother and daughter were sitting in the back seat of the car while their husbands were sitting in the front. As they went through the  crossing, the car was hit in the side rear, killing both women. The men were injured but lived.

It happened in 1937 even though one headstone states “1936” as the death year.

Headstones located in the Mt Mitchell United Methodist Church Cemetery, Kannapolis, Cabarrus County, North Carolina.

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Cline and Walter Pictures

The Old Cline House and a few others.

Please allow me to first make note that I am NOT sure from where or whom the picture of William Monroe Walter came into grandmama’s possession. My grandmama had this particular photo in her box of pictures but I do know that a Walter genealogist either has the same picture or one of them is a copy. So…. basically, I’m not sure who should hold copyright. If he had it first and/or the original then all rights go to him (Gary Walter) and I hope he will accept my apology for any misunderstanding. The others were originals and property of my late grandmama, Louise Cline Anderson who passed them down to me.

With that being said…. the Old Cline House pictures are from slides. I’m not sure at the moment to which decade they belong. Maybe 1950s? The one with Junius Welker Cline and Mary Elizabeth Walter Cline is from the 1940s. I have no clue as to when the postcard of Mary E W Cline was taken, nor William Monroe Walter.

William Monroe Walter:  1859 – 1955;  Junius Welker Cline:  1889 – 1947;  Mary Elizabeth Walter Cline:  1894 – 1987.

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