St Johns Lutheran Church Cemetery

I walked around St John’s Lutheran Church cemetery yesterday. It’s out in the country with little traffic going by. It was a beautiful day in beautiful surroundings.

St John’s Lutheran is chock full of history so if you want more information, please start here:

They even have a Heritage Center where you can make an appt to do a little research. They have a Heritage Day coming up so I might just have to go back….

More about the Heritage Day and Center:

Couple of pics:


Old Thompson Family Cemetery

My little cemetery scouts and I found the old Thompson Cemetery today. I was so excited! I did not get coordinates but hopefully will be able to go back soon and get them.

I spoke with this wonderful gentleman by the name of Gayle Thompson who told me where to find it. After a little stomping around in the woods, we finally happened upon the semi-hidden cemetery.

There are obviously new stones that were placed here but as to how ‘new’, I don’t know. We did find a few stones (unmarked) by the body-sized sunken area behind or in front of it. That was just a littttttttle creepy.

I took along the list given here:  USGenWeb Archives – Old Thompson Cemetery

We found some of them plus one that was not on the list. The pics were hard to get because of the overhead canopy, brush, and general wood/forest decay. We are not professional cemetery cleaners so I didn’t want to do anything that may damage what is still there. I did the best I could.

Edit:  I forgot to acknowledge and thank my cemetery scouts…. Babbles, Chips and Boogie! Thank you soooo much; I would have never found it without you!

And if he ever sees this…. a BIG thank you to Mr. Gayle Thompson!

Stoney Fork Baptist Church II

I made a quick trip this morning to Stoney Fork Baptist Church (Mt. Gilead, Montgomery County, North Carolina). In addition to a private request, I got a few more shots of headstones. I’ll be adding them to soon. Well, maybe after nap time. :o)

Mary Ann Makepeace

Actually, my 11 yr old son found her. She wasn’t hard to find since she is in a fenced in area all by herself. Well, I’m not sure if she is by herself or not. There is another small stone beside the “official” headstone (not the footstone behind it). There were no markings on it at all. As far as I can tell, she is the only Makepeace in that cemetery but there are many, many unmarked stones/markers.

I tried to take pics from different angles to give you an idea of where she is in relation to the church. It really is like the cemetery wraps around the church.

I can send you the full size pics if you want them. The info is a little clearer on the stone. Just let me know.