Red, GC Jenkins and more

I’ll need to slow down for a little bit while we make the big move. It will just make me want to do more though. lol

I’m guessing that Hessie is G.C. and Shirley’s mother. She appears with “Red” in other pictures.


Glenn Columbus Jenkins

I *finally* found some info on somebody! Yay, me! lol

According to the back of the picture, this is:

Pvt. E1 Glenn Columbus Jenkins

Co. O 4th Bn 1st B? Bde USATC1

Fort Bragg NC

28307 – 2th plitoon [sic]

Oct. 28 – 1969

According to

Glenn C. Jenkins

      • 27 August 1942 (Wilkes County, NC) – 27 May 2003 (Wilkes County, NC)
      • Last Residence:  Wilkes County, NC
      • Male
      • White
      • Divorced
      • 60 yrs old at time of death
      • Education:  8th Grade
      • Other residence listed:  Avon Park, Florida

All of these were connected with his social security number and dates of birth/death. I did not list the SSN since it makes me a little uncomfortable to do so.

In One Little Envelope In One Little Typewriter Case….

The captions under each picture is what is written on the back.

And the Other One….

I’m not sure I’m familiar with the industry that is represented here. The clippings came from something like a company newsletter/magazine. It is not on regular newspaper. The back mentions Duke Power but I’m not sure one way or another.