St Johns Lutheran Church Cemetery

I walked around St John’s Lutheran Church cemetery yesterday. It’s out in the country with little traffic going by. It was a beautiful day in beautiful surroundings.

St John’s Lutheran is chock full of history so if you want more information, please start here:

They even have a Heritage Center where you can make an appt to do a little research. They have a Heritage Day coming up so I might just have to go back….

More about the Heritage Day and Center:

Couple of pics:



I went to the Furr Family Cemetery in Cabarrus County, NC. I couldn’t find the lady I was looking for, Leah Furr. Here’s 2 pics of it. It’s not far from here but in the middle of nowhere.

I also hit Mission Baptist Church in Locust, Stanly County, NC. I didn’t find who I was looking for but I took some extra pics:

Not too shabby for 30 minutes worth of work.