St. Enoch Lutheran Cemetery, Rowan Co., NC

St. Enoch Lutheran Church

701 Campbell Avenue

Kannapolis, NC  28081

church website

These pictures were taken with a Polaroid, quite a few years ago…. maybe about 14 years ago?

Yes, I know I spelled “Lutheran” wrong and yes, some are a bit blurry.

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Picture of Unknown

This was in my grandmother’s box of pictures. She couldn’t remember who it may have been. The only clue I have is that it *might* be from the Rodgers/Robinson (which leads to Young, Silver, etc) side. Her father was a Rodgers and her mother was a Robinson.

Anybody have any thoughts on the uniform?

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Old Rodgers House, Rowan Co., NC

These photos were graciously sent to me via email from J. W. Kluttz (sometime after Aug 1998). They were made in 1994 when he visited the old Rodgers House which belonged to John Rodgers before 1849. It was actually in process of being remodeled so he was able to get some excellent pictures. The original ‘logs’ were under the siding. The barn has the original logs as well.

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