This is the usual:  Stay-at-home mom, plenty of kidlets, too many pets, only 1 husband (thank you very much!), etc. I have no main goal for this site/blog other than an outlet for my brain. The posts may be up and they may be down because I have a nice case of rheumatoid arthritis,  MDD (major depressive disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder). Contrary to popular belief, the ‘hyperactivity’ only takes place in my head rather than in the rest of my body. The mind tends to be at odds with my gotta-go-slow-and-nap-often bod o’ chunk.

Enough of the whiny crap!

I like to work on family history/genealogy (anybody’s genealogy!), crochet, reading (paranormal romance and an occasional [auto]biography), puzzle books that specialize in word puzzles and just about anything else with which I can wrap my little mind. I love to talk to people via the various internet methods of communication but not on the phone and most definitely not face-to-face.

The gist of the site/blog is to upload and share historical and/or genealogical bits of information that may hopefully help someone get a bit further in their research. I’ll probably throw in an opinion, a recipe, a pattern or anything else that strikes my fancy. If you want to contact me, feel free to do so at floosyjane[…at…] (Take out the […at…] and replace it with the @ sign. I detest trolls and bots that harvest email addresses for spam.)

P. S.

I make NO guarantees on the descriptions and transcriptions! I am not an expert. I wish I were an expert but alas, it is not to be. If you find anything of use on this site/blog, use it as a guide only and not as evidence or information set in stone.

P. P. S.

If my mother is reading this:  PPPPPBBBBBFFFFFTTTTT!!!!


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