For Dottie

I tried to get some pics that would help you find the cemetery. I don’t mind going out and showing you where it is if you would like. Just let me know.

chickencoopfrominfrontofgate_ThompsonFamCem_MtGileadMontgomeryCoNC Above is the ‘old chicken house’. You can see it from the road pretty easily.chickencoopfromtrailhead_ThompsonFamCem_MtGileadMontgomeryCoNCAbove is the chicken house from the trailhead (I took it as we were coming back out to the car).
gatebeforechickencoop_ThompsonFamCem_MtGileadMontgomeryCoNCYou would have to park in front of this gate. It’s very close to the road.
headoftrail1_ThompsonFamCem_MtGileadMontgomeryCoNC I was standing beside the chicken house when I took this one. You walk down the hill and to the left. If you go right, you’ll go out in the middle of nowhere. othersideofroadfromchickencoop_ThompsonFamCem_MtGileadMontgomeryCoNCAs I was leaving, I took a pic of the pinkish abandoned “Cherished Memories” trailer across the road. One you see that trailer on your left, the gate will be on your right!


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