Military Pics –

I’m guessing these to be WWII. There is no date/info on the back of any of them.


Glenn Columbus Jenkins

I *finally* found some info on somebody! Yay, me! lol

According to the back of the picture, this is:

Pvt. E1 Glenn Columbus Jenkins

Co. O 4th Bn 1st B? Bde USATC1

Fort Bragg NC

28307 – 2th plitoon [sic]

Oct. 28 – 1969

According to

Glenn C. Jenkins

      • 27 August 1942 (Wilkes County, NC) – 27 May 2003 (Wilkes County, NC)
      • Last Residence:  Wilkes County, NC
      • Male
      • White
      • Divorced
      • 60 yrs old at time of death
      • Education:  8th Grade
      • Other residence listed:  Avon Park, Florida

All of these were connected with his social security number and dates of birth/death. I did not list the SSN since it makes me a little uncomfortable to do so.