Obits and Funeral Listings

I’m not sure if there is a better description for ‘funeral listings’ so I just went with that. I finally got my old scanner working. It is still pretty slow but I guess slow is better than nothing, right? lol

I need to dig out that newspaper pic of Elvis and Priscilla with their daughter, Lisa Marie. I get so distracted by the next little ‘oh, wow, look at this’ I find in the typewriter case that I lose my place.


More Gems…

….from the little typewriter case!

One of these days, when I grow up, I will win the lottery and buy whatever equipment I want to photograph, scan or whatever all this stuff AND make it look professional!

Is it too early to leave sticky-notes for Santa? lol

There are 10 obits and/or funeral memoriums in this gallery. They seem to mostly come from Wilkes County, North Carolina.