Irving Park School, Aycock School and a Few Others




Jas. ____ to Thomas Lloid, Money Sent – 1836

Instruction from Jas. ______ to Thomas Lloid about money he sends to Daniel Carte[r] via John George[s]

02 August 1836

Washington County (No state given); Burnsville; Yancey County, North Carolina; Youngs Post Office

Names Listed:

John George[s]; Daniel Carte[r]; Jas. _____; Thomas Lloid

Please note:

  • I cannot find the torn side. I do not know if it has slipped into the stack elsewhere if I never had it.
  • John George[s] is spelled John George and John Georges.
  • Daniel Carte[r] does not include the ‘r’ since it is on the edge that was torn. I am going on the assumption (which, yes, I should never do but am doing it anyway) that his name is “Carter”.
  • Jas.’s last name has been torn away.

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