Permar & Walker – Typewriter Case

A note was jotted down on the front of the envelope so I scanned it, too. The snippets  seem to have been cut out for this person’s grandson’s marriage and her great grandchild.

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“Shelton & Kin”

This was in an envelope in the little typewriter case labeled “Shelton & Kin”.

I have also uploaded several yearbooks (1930s & 1940 so far) from Winecoff School, Concord, Cabarrus County, North Carolina. This was back when they only had 1st grade through 11th grade.

Clippings from the Typewriter Case

Matters of Record

  • Births at:  
    • Wesley Long Hospital, 24 – 28 September 1977
    • Moses Cone Hospital, 24 – 29 September 1977
  • Real Estate Transfers for:
    • Morehead Township
    • Gilmer Township
    • Sumner Township
    • Rock Creek Township
    • Bruce Township
    • Jamestown Township
    • Washington Township

You have to click on the pictures, scroll down a bit and then click on “view full size” to see them better.