PFC Whittington

PFC Jeston Clifford WhittingtonWhittington_PFCJestonClifford_KIAca1943

KIA – 10 March (ca 1943?)


3 thoughts on “PFC Whittington

  1. Where did you get a copy of this obit for Jeston Clifford Whittington? Thank you for posting it by the way. He was awarded the Silver Star posthumously. Strangley, thanks for the St.John’s too. Two totally different veins of family lineage re-converging in one site. Never happened before.

    • I found it in the things my grandmother left me. It doesn’t say but it would have come from what was the Daily Independent but is now the Independent Tribune. I’m sorry I can’t give you a date of publication…

  2. KIA March 10, 1945 at Antipolo, Philippines east of Manila one week after Manila was liberated. Two Major Generals were also wounded or killed in this action. PFC Whittington received the U.S. Silver Star for gallantry in action (posthumously) May 3, 1945. Camp Whittington, Japan was named in his honor. It operated throughout the Korean War

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