World War II Post Card – June 1945

This is from the Thrift Shop find we made on 02 March 2013 at Elsie’s Thrift Shop in Mt Gilead, Montgomery County, North Carolina. Please do not assume I got the transcription correct. I seem to be terrible at deciphering others handwriting. lol

Click on the pictures to see the slideshow and to see the pictures a little clearer.

(I typed this out as is as best I could….)

Cpl James I (?) Smith 34683693

3rd Repair S??

10 P. M. ?

Miss Gladys P??
Route #2 Box 16
Greensboro. N.C.

June 22 [1945 – date stamped by post office]

Dear Gladys

Just a few line [sic] to say hello and to let you know I am still thinking about you.. Gee (?) what wrong. I haven’t heard from you in about two weeks and that a long time. please write real soon I have to hear from you. Gotta go now. Good night my love. Sweet dreams Tell all hello.




One thought on “World War II Post Card – June 1945

  1. I had not seen this yet, but now it is great that my readers not only have a connection to the postcard, but also your blog. Thanks for being so considerate and understanding.

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