World War II Post Card – June 1945

This is from the Thrift Shop find we made on 02 March 2013 at Elsie’s Thrift Shop in Mt Gilead, Montgomery County, North Carolina. Please do not assume I got the transcription correct. I seem to be terrible at deciphering others handwriting. lol

Click on the pictures to see the slideshow and to see the pictures a little clearer.

(I typed this out as is as best I could….)

Cpl James I (?) Smith 34683693

3rd Repair S??

10 P. M. ?

Miss Gladys P??
Route #2 Box 16
Greensboro. N.C.

June 22 [1945 – date stamped by post office]

Dear Gladys

Just a few line [sic] to say hello and to let you know I am still thinking about you.. Gee (?) what wrong. I haven’t heard from you in about two weeks and that a long time. please write real soon I have to hear from you. Gotta go now. Good night my love. Sweet dreams Tell all hello.




2 thoughts on “World War II Post Card – June 1945

  1. I had not seen this yet, but now it is great that my readers not only have a connection to the postcard, but also your blog. Thanks for being so considerate and understanding.

  2. Maybe this was him: James C. Smith ASN 34683693 received US Silver Star, just like Jeston C. Whittington did in WWII, but his was in Korea. Thousands of troops going to Korea passed through Camp Whittington on their way. Strange correlation between Whittington and Smith from photos in a case.

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