Guess What I Found!!!!!

My 11 yr old son and I went to the local thrift store here in Montgomery County, North Carolina between Mt. Gilead and Troy. He (for whatever reason) was wanting an old timey typewriter. They only had one and it was newer (not exactly new but newer than the ribbon kind he wanted) so we didn’t get it. He found a Smith Corona case that normally holds a typewriter. We got the owner’s husband to open and we found pictures, newspaper clippings, negatives and funeral memoriums. I don’t think I’ve been that excited in a long, long time! This came after he found the lady we were looking for in Zion UMC cemetery. He is My Hero!!

It will take me a while to go through all of it. The best part is that somebody had the forethought to LABEL most of the pictures!

I’m so stoked!!

2013-03-02 17.45.30 2013-03-02 17.45.42 2013-03-02 17.46.08 2013-03-02 17.47.07


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