An Attempt at Research of Old Hickory, 30th Division, Army

I am trying to do some research on “Old Hickory”, the 30th Division of the Army, especially in World War I.

I am not familiar whatsoever with the military nor military terms so it is a lot like learning to ride a bike. I think once it clicks in my head, it’ll be there.

Just to keep things interesting:

Quote Of The Day: ‘April 1918: My first 24 hours on the Western Front. Arrived about 11 o’clock p.m muddy and tired. It was raining and had been so for many days. Mud was nearly knee deep…We finally found our dugout after walking miles it seemed [with] full pack, so slipping and sliding we went in the dugout. It had mud all over the floor and a big pool of water under the boards…After unpacking we went to bed or rather got on a bunk. Well, when the candle went out and all was still we got introduced to the trench rats and oh what a welcome they gave us. Never will I forget it or them.’ ~ Diary entry by Jack Marshall, from MEMORIES OF WORLD WAR I: NORTH CAROLINA DOUGHBOYS ON THE WESTERN FRONT by R. Jackson Marshall III

Found here:

I seem to find a good bit on OH in WWII but WWI escapes me. What piqued my interest was this gentleman, C. H. Morris (Carley Haywood Morris of Troy, Montgomery County, NC). The insignia for OH was laying on its side. I’m a little more familiar with it being more vertical since my brother-in-law is part of the 30th Division.

When I get more info, I will post it. If you have suggestions or a source for a WWI roster (even a partial roster), please email me!



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