Slides from WWII Era – 2

I got lucky and found these on a cd from where I scanned them several years ago. I didn’t realize I had them so this was an awesome thing yesterday for me! I had been trying to get my slide converter and photo converter up and running. Once I finally got them to behave, the computer shut down. No BSOD, no warning, no error messages….. just a black screen. I have to say that I was having a ‘screaming silently in my head’ moment. Ugh.

By the most amazing luck, my husband (aka “Bunz”) took me out and bought me a new computer! Now I am able to do the things the other laptop would not do anymore. I had actually been contemplating a complete wipe/reformat and may still but at least I can get to my stuff now. ** Phew! **

And for the next few….

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