WW II – 5



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3 thoughts on “WW II – 5

    • You are most welcome. I enjoyed reading some of your blog today as well!

      My grandfather was in the army and spent time on a ship, stationed in the Philippines as well as a bit of time in Japan after the bomb was dropped. These are little 2 1/4″ x 3″ b/w pics. I have some slides that are in boxes labeled “Hong Kong”. They were all in the drawer together so I’m just not sure. Both my dad and granddaddy developed a type of dementia in the years before they passed so I’m trying to recall what little I heard about the pictures. I really, really wish I knew who the other people were in the pictures with him. Just for the sake of my curiosity… lol
      Hopefully, I will be able to pull out the slide converter soon and get those pics uploaded. They may give me more of an idea of where these were taken.

      • I can’t wait to see what you find.

        My father’s pictures had some last names on them. I was able to find a roster of the men in his unit and was able to put names to the faces. In my writing he has just gotten overseas which is where the pictures are from. I can’t wait to put them together in some sort of order.

        Sadly I don’t remember Dad talking about the war. My sisters remember some but not a lot so I am thankful for all his letters.

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