WWII – 2

For [the very little] background information, see the original post.

I have a small stack of these photos and some slides. In order to get the slides online, I have to dig out my thingamabob that converts them. That will not be a pleasant task. I’m pretty sure the slides are mostly from the Philippines as to where these photos are probably from Japan (after the bomb).

Granddaddy was in the Army and was stationed in the Philippines. They were sent to Japan by ship and arrived (as I mentioned) after the blast. In his later years, he developed dementia of some form so his stories (and he told a LOT of them!) were embellished a little more every time he told them. By the time I was old enough to realize the value of these stories, he was well down the mental path of no return.

2012-12-23 12.38.51a  2012-12-23 12.41.36a


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